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Complete the fields below to send me a request to talk.  Make sure your email address is one that only you have access to in order to protect your privacy.  Realize that you can sign up for a new email account under a false name if you want to remain anonymous.  You can then delete the account after we are done talking.  If this is what you choose to do, I recommend that you set up your temporary account through Gmail, as it will make accessing Hangouts easier.

Any requests sent through this form will go directly to me, not to anyone else.

Google Hangouts, WhatsApp & Skype are all free apps that offer free, global calling.  If you’re already in the Gmail system, Hangouts will be easiest for you to use.  If you’re new to internet calling, you’ll probably find Hangouts or WhatsApp the simplest to set up and use.  You’ll need to be somewhere with good cell service or wifi at the time that we talk.  If you have poor service where you are, the call will keep dropping or it will be a bad connection.

To give you the greatest sense of privacy, I will always do an audio only call with you unless you specifically request a video call.  Some of my clients want a face to face connection, others do not.  Some ask to switch to video mode part way through the session.  Others want video mode on most of the time, but they want to turn it off when they are discussing certain topics.  I am totally flexible about this issue–what matters to me is that you are comfortable.

I will need to know your general location (country and state if applicable) to calculate the differences in our time zones (I’m located in California, USA).

When booking an appointment with me, you need to plan to be somewhere that you can talk about sensitive issues without the fear of being overheard.  (Sitting in a car can work great.)  I recommend having tissues on hand, as emotions are unpredictable.

I will not reschedule with you if you are a no show.  I am always on time and focused, and I expect you to be as well.  I will not work with people who do not demonstrate a sincere desire to make progress.

This is a free service. I will not accept any form of compensation.

I am committed to giving my clients high quality counseling.  Since this is not possible to do without having real-time, two-way conversations, I do not offer counseling services through e-mail alone.

**Please note that I will be away from my office from August 1st to the 21st, as well as for the months of October & November 2018.  Requests that are submitted during those times will be responded to when I return.**

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