About Anna


Hello! I am a Christian counselor whose passion is to work outside the system to make high quality counseling accessible to everyone–especially to those who would never dare to darken the door of a professional counselor’s office.

I’ve always been very bothered by the gouging prices psychologists & psychiatrists charge for brief consultations.  I don’t think it is at all helpful to slap people with scary diagnoses that lead to them feeling hopelessly flawed and negatively stereotyped by others.

I’ve observed that many people who desperately need some empathy and guidance are too scared to ask for help because they are afraid of having their counselors share their records with legal authorities.

I’ve seen many hurting people turn to churches for help, because churches often provide free counseling, only to end up having “Christian” leaders pile on the guilt, irrelevant Bible study homework, and bad theological advice.

To help counter the widespread abuse that goes on in the fields of psychological and spiritual counseling, I began to offer free counseling through the internet.  To date, I have counseled people all around the world using free internet call services like Google Hangouts, Skype and WhatsApp.   I am happy to work with people under false names of their choosing.  I don’t keep permanent records on my clients, and I never charge. I’ve helped men and women ranging from teens to late adulthood with a variety of issues.   Most of my clients have never experienced professional counseling before, and they are pleasantly surprised by my methods.  Several of my clients have paid for help from licensed professionals in the past, only to end up telling me that my approach was far more helpful to them.

Talking to a counselor doesn’t have to be an intimidating, awkward, or humiliating experience.  If you want to give it a try, talk to me, and I’ll show you how easy and helpful it can be.


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