Gender Communication Clashes: “Stop Asking Me What’s Wrong!” (The Status Star Tool)

Wife: “How are you doing, honey?”

Husband: “I’m fine.”

Wife: “No, you’re not. I can tell something’s wrong. What is it?”

Husband: “I said I was fine. Can you just leave me alone?”

Wife: “See? Now I know something is wrong. Is it me? What did I do?”

Husband: “Leave me alone!”

Wife: “Why are you always shutting me out?!”

Sound familiar? If these kinds of arguments are happening in your marriage, this video might really help you out. In it I explain some major differences in how men and women communicate which can cause major friction between spouses. But every problem has a solution, and I also explain a tool that you and your spouse can use to help calm everyone’s frazzled nerves.

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