Help for Sexual Assault Victims: The Illusion of Core Fracturing

Sexual assault victims often feel that they have not only been physically ravaged, but that severe damage has also been done to the very core of their beings. This results in them concluding that their attackers have somehow taken possession of part of who they are. In this video, I explain the logic that fuels this fear, and why it isn't true.

Real Help for Alcoholics: Understanding Root Causes

Getting real help with your addiction begins with understanding and respecting what your mind is trying to accomplish by having you drink. In this video, I help alcoholics appreciate the logic that is driving their behavior, I explain right and wrong reasons for trying to quit, and I explain why some alcoholics become so violent and hostile when they are drunk.

Understanding Masturbation

Does God really have a problem with masturbation? Why can't you stop thinking about sex? Why are you feeling aroused by the wrong things? Why can't you get sexual release without your mind producing perverse fantasies? How critical is masturbation to your mental health? These are some of the questions I address in this video.

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